The Top 10 Ways to Blah Blah Blah… Death to Click Bait Please

I know that if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all, so I’ll try to be as constructive as possible… or maybe I’ll just blow off steam.
Over the past 3 years of being a subscriber to an industry publication that shall remain nameless, but they’re all the same really, I gave up on it recently and unsubscribed. I think I’ve maybe actually gotten use out of 1 or 2 articles in those past 3 years and normally I’d just ignore it but something must have snapped and it actually drove me to write a comment to the publisher along the lines of what I’m writing here.
But I don’t think the problem is this one publication or their writers. I believe it’s a systemic problem in the marketing industry and maybe the world as a whole.
We focus more on writing click-bait headlines than actually producing an article that will help someone. Literally there are articles on how to write the perfect headline. So you’ve got all these “experts” rehashing the same old content but with just new uber-optimized attention grabbing headlines in order to get more visits to their article then the last guy.
Follow any “expert” on Twitter and it’s literally click-bait after click-bait for some of these people, just perpetuating content for content’s sake.
I’m sure the pressure of constantly putting out content will drive even the most prudent of editors to put out constant rehashed and outdated “top 10 tips to optimize your blah blah blah”, but maybe the answer then is to strike out against the maddening crowd and oh, I don’t know… only send an email when there is truly something significant to be said.
In a world where vast quantities of information is literally at our fingertips and we all complain about information overload, then why continue to contribute too it?
So what can be done about it? I don’t know, I’m just complaining here.
Certainly people that are new to an industry could benefit from all the rehashed content, because even if I’ve already seen that content maybe they haven’t. No!!! That’s what links are for! Stuff stay’s on the internet for ever. Yes Google spends millions to update their search engine to bring you as relevant of information as possible amongst the chaos of billions of articles, but what if instead of spinning something to provide your take on a topic, you just link to the original article and only put out content that’s new?

We all want to see where those 20 celebs from the 80’s are now, or the other non-work related clickbait we click on. Maybe if we read enough articles on

Digital Transformation in the Retail Sector: challenges & opportunities

which is not really a piece on transformation as much as it’s a summary of all the same challenges retailers have always and will always face, then maybe just maybe things will sink in and we’ll take action.

Oh well, it’s the internet, we vote with our clicks I guess. So hopefully it will sort it self out and metrics that truly matter will weed out fluff like this blog post where some dude is just ranting about the internet.


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